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Photos of my Series 1 XJ6 restoration 

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The Original XJ6 was designed to help bring Jaguar back into the world market. In the late 1960's  Jaguar had been building a number of different models and were facing financial difficulty. It was then decided to try to generate ONE sedan that the company could focus on, while dropping the Mark X, 3.8, and all the rest . What they came up with was this Short Wheel Based XJ6. Called a "short wheel base" car because just 4 years after it's design, the XJ6 was stretched to become what was at that time called a "long wheel base" Jag.





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Total modifications: 

1. Up rated front and rear sway bar.  One inch front, and 78/8ths inch rear 2. Replaced neoprene bushings . 3. Fully flowed, and matched series 3 (big valve) head. 

4. Tulip shaped valves and "fast street", and  up-rated valve springs from Rob Beere Racing. 5. Triple S.U. (HD8's) and re-jetted carbs.

6. Fully race balanced (to 10,000 rpm) crank, rods, and pistons.  7. 700 R-4 transmission conversion from "John's cars" out of Dallas.    

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I may not be the best Jaguar historian these days (it's been a while) but you can find all you ever wanted to know about the history of Jaguar by going to 

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